Wow, I sure stopped writing on here, didn’t I?

It’s been almost a year since my last blog post — woops.
The last year has been hard. Really hard. My chronic hives flared up in late January and didn’t get resolved until May. That was months of pain, discomfort, and hopelessness. A chronic illness really takes it out of you.
Not to mention, other things in my home life were…not going so great, let’s say that. I dealt with it by eating…. a lot. A lot a lot.
It all came to a head in mid-March and I decided I needed to change my life. In May, I finally called it quits with keto after months of carb bingeing, getting back into keto for 4 -5 days, carb bingeing, getting back into keto….etc. It wasn’t healthy, physically or mentally.
In August, I left my job and moved to Texas to live with my boyfriend, Justin, whom I’ve been with since 2015. And it was scary! And hard! And a lot of adulting stuff.
Since then, I’ve been settling in and looking for work (ahhhhhhhh, the most soul-sucking of activities) and gettin used to life here.

For a while, I didn’t notice the difference between normal stress and depression-stress. I figured it was supposed to be this hard — moving, changing your life, all that stuff. But eventually I figured it out: my meds weren’t working the way they needed to anymore. I’ve been on antidepressants for many years. I don’t like to talk about it because of course, the dumb stigma surrounding it, and having had ‘friends’ throw it in my face in the past (they are not friends. Anyone who uses your mental health against you is not a friend and you need to cut them out of your life). But that’s the truth. I need medication to make my brain work like a normal brain.
As other people on psychoactive medication know, the process of finding a new medication is long and hard. I’ve been tapering off my main antidepressant (viibryd, for those who have asked) since December. Today is the first day of trying a new one (effexor) and I’m hopeful but cautious. Side effects can be rough. It can take weeks to months to know if it’s working. But I’m trying.
While tapering, my anxiety went through the roof. I’d somehow taken viibryd for nearly 4 years without knowing it was also an anti-anxiety 🙃 I really just thought I’d *gotten over* being anxious. L M A O O O O O O GIRL. I did not.
And then came the apathy. Just…. a flat, gray, uncaring about anything. Eating too much? I don’t care. Skipping the gym? Don’t care. Staying in bed all day? Don’t care. Neglecting instagram, isolating from my friends? Don’t care.

It may be a hard slog for the….well, the foreseeable future, to be honest. I don’t know if this med will work for me. I don’t know when I’ll know. But I am so. tired. of my own crap at this point that I’m gritting my teeth and doing things again.

I turned my step notifications back on on my fitbit. I’m going to actually try to hit my step goal more than never. I’m going to eat in a deficit, even if it’s just a small one. I’m going to go to the gym.

So that’s that! That’s my life right now! Mental health is hard and bad mental health makes lots of things very hard, and that’s just reality! It’s 1:30 PM and I’m still in my pajamas but I *have* left the apartment today, and I *will* go to the gym later. I’m trying.

And I’ll try to write on here…………. again…….. ?? with much less of a gap in between posts.


A weird upside to my chronic hives

I had my first outbreak of chronic idiopathic urticaria in April 2014 — really soon after I’d started keto. I was, of course, concerned that somehow I was allergic to keto (I am not) or that I needed carbs for the itchiness to go away (I don’t, and they actually make it worse) (trust me. I tried switching up my diet)(in many ways)(it did nothing).

If you’re going to suggest I go raw vegan/paleo/dairy free/start juicing/etc — please don’t. I’ve dealt with this for 4 years. I know you just want to help, and that’s very sweet of you! So this next bit may come across as rude but there’s really no nice way to say it:

I pay my doctors to help. That is their job. I have the help thing covered.

(I know! You’re thinking “But there MUST be a CAUSE! There MUST!” It’s very frustrating. I have been there. BELIEVE ME. I’m the one living with this shit. [Please read this article about living with chronic hives. It’s very good.] But guess what—there is a lot we don’t know about medicine. We know something is going wrong. We cannot explain the why yet.)

I found a medication (xolair) that works for me. I’ve been getting injections regularly since July 2014. They’ve kept the hives at bay – until now. Perhaps I went too long between injections; perhaps my body was under some new stress (there is talk of a flu strain that causes hives); perhaps perhaps perhaps. Anyway, the hives came back in January 2018. I got another xolair injection, and they’re getting better.

But here’s a thing that was true with my first hive outbreak, and is true again now: it actually helps me stay on track with eating. It’s a very defeating feeling, not being able to control something your body is doing. Hives are INCREDIBLY uncomfortable, because they itch. They itch and itch and itch and I still haven’t found a topical treatment that helps. So imagine being attacked by 1,000 mosquitoes, then getting a sunburn (hives give off heat), and then being punched a lot (scratching leads to bruising). And now imagine that that is your life, all day, every day, for months. Or years. Wearing clothes hurts—especially tight clothes. Pressure causes more hives. Scratching causes more hives. Sometimes heat causes more hives, sometimes it doesn’t. The hives come and go and spread across your body for hour to hour, day to day. One day, it’s your arms. The next, it may be your legs. Some days you may get a brief respite and think maybe they’re going away! But then your entire face swells up and it’s like the universe is just laughing at your stupid, naïve hope that things would get better. You stop going out in public, because you see people staring. You hear them whispering. Some outright ask if you’re contagious. (Yes, sir, I’m highly contagious! That’s why I’m out in public! It is me, Typhoid Kristina, here to spread the next plague. Got you!). Many people with chronic hives go into a deep depression from not only the discomfort, but the isolation.

Some would turn to comfort food, and who could blame them? Food is easy, it’s fast, and it can make you feel GOOD in the moment. Food is a cheap and readily available drug.

But for me, it was weirdly comforting to know that, despite the uncontrollable hives that my body was creating, there was something I *could* control: what I ate. And eating carbs, breaking keto, wouldn’t make me feel better. (again. I tried this. Carbs are inflammatory. Hives are inflammation. It… was not good).

This time around, the same thing happened. I don’t want to dive headfirst into a tub of ice cream. Not even Halo Top. Eating my feelings won’t help. Then I’d just be itchy, hot, bruised, and bloated. Why add on to the bad?

So. While I am OF COURSE ecstatic(!!!) that the hives are slowly getting better thanks to my xolair, it’s nice to recognize that there was an upside to this, however small. I can appreciate that sticking to my diet in a time like this takes a lot of self-control and willpower. I like that about myself. I’m made of some pretty strong stuff.


My first week with a Fitbit

I resisted getting a Fitbit for a long time, guys. A long time.

“I don’t need that!” I said (which is still true, nobody *needs* a Fitbit)

“I already had a fitness tracker and I stopped using it!” I said (I had a JawboneUP that I used when I was walking everywhere in New York; I stopped using it when I moved home and was free to hit the gym 2-3 hours a day, every day, and move around all the time because… unemployed)

“The calorie counts are inaccurate!” I said (ok so don’t eat back calories burned, like you…already don’t. Solid logic, me)

“I don’t like things on my wrist!” I said (while plucking at the hair tie that lives on my wrist)

But I knew they were helpful, and knew that lots of people love theirs, and knew that they had those sweet sweet group challenges to motivate you. So when I saw they were on sale, I got curious. And after 2 hours of research, I got one – a Charge2.

I finally joined team #fitbit(ch)

What have I learned in the first week of wearing one? Some things.

  1. I AM SEDENTARY AS ALL H*CK. Literally the first day of wearing the Fitbit (Monday) when I got buzzed every hour to do 250 steps, I got annoyed. I was like ‘People move THAT much?!’ I could go easily 4 hours without getting up. For any reason. I thought, “Oh yeah, I go to the gym for an hour 5x a week, I’m fairly active” but no, my good bitch, no. That means I’m active for 4% of the day. At the gym. The rest of the time? Sitting. In my car, at my desk, on my bed. Sitting. Just sitting.
  2. 250 steps (the amount you’re supposed to do each hour to hit your hourly goals) is really not much. That’s from my desk to the office kitchen 3 times. 2 trips in an hour and I’m set. The first day it felt IMPOSSIBLE, but I got over that quickly.
  3. I’m not as competitive as I thought. I’m in all the challenges I can be, but I just let the chips fall where they may. I don’t try hard to beat anyone (maybe because I don’t *know* the people in the challenges? Hmmm…)
  4. I sleep like shit. 51 minutes awake? Bish where? What was I doing? The fuck? Lay your ass down and sleep, it’s sleep time. Also: going to bed at 11 PM is not acceptable. I know I have to be up at 5 AM. I cannot cram 8 hours of sleep into a 6 hour window, period.
  5. 10,000 steps a day isn’t really all that hard – if I’m active. Saturdays? No that is my lay in bed day. Other days? No excuses girl move ya ass.
  6. I really like knowing my resting heart rate. I know when I was fat, I took my pulse pretty often out of curiosity and my resting rate was usually in the upper 80s or low 90s (that’s high af). Now it’s high 50s/low 60s. HUGE. IMPROVEMENT.

So those are my take aways from my first week with a fitbit. Nothing revolutionary, but hey! Whatever.

OK now how much longer before I can buy this shirt without looking like a ~poseur

PS – many of you have asked! This is the shiny pretty metal rainbow band that I got for my Fitbit. It has a magnetic closure that means you can adjust it to like, any size imaginable, and I LOVE IT. It doesn’t irritate my wrist, it doesn’t get all gross when I’m working out, and it looks like a fancy watch instead of a ~fitness tracker~


Recipe: Creamy Cayenne Chicken Thighs


Ok now you guys, idk why the F the people at Twisted Food (which is where this recipe comes from; I DID NOT CREATE THIS) decided to name this what they did, because they went with “Creamy Lemon Butter Chicken Spaghetti” and let me tell you – there are many flavors in this dish. Lemon barely even registers. It’s also, in my opinion, not very butter-chicken-y. SO I RENAMED IT. YOU’RE WELCOME.
I low carb-ified and increased the recipe and mine looks like this:

  • ~3 lbs chicken – mine was a mix of boneless skinless legs&thighs (from Costco) and boneless skinless breasts (because my dad prefers white meat)
  • sprinkle of salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp avocado oil
  • 1.5 tbsp salted butter
  • 100g diced onion
  • 15g garlic, diced small (this was like 6 small cloves)
  • 3 tbsp tomato paste – I used Simple Truth Organic Tomato Paste (found at Kroger) because it was the lowest in carbs I could find
  • 1.5 tsp Spanish smoked paprika (I HIGHLY recommend having this in your kitchen, even if it calls for a special trip to the store. It’s WAY better than regular paprika and worth the price. I know, I scoffed at it when I first found a bottle for $7 but now I would gladly pay that and more for it)
  • 1 tsp Cayenne pepper
  • 1.5 cups heavy cream
  • 1 bag  (~385g) fresh spinach – frozen would work too, just make sure it’s drained well
  • 750g zucchini (3 medium), cut into roughly half-inch pieces. I cut each zucchini into quarters lengthwise, then roughly chopped. Slices would work fine.
  • Squeeze or splash of lemon juice – idk maybe 2tbsp
  • 80g fresh grated parmesan (or more, you do you! cheese is life)

Heat the pan on medium-high heat, add the oil. While it’s heating, cut up the chicken into small pieces. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add the cut up chicken to the pan and cook through [I had to drain mine halfway through to get the chicken to darken]. Set the chicken aside.

At this point, I put the cut-up zucchini in a covered dish in the microwave for 5 minutes to steam. It can take a while to get soft, and I didn’t want it to release a lot of water into the sauce as it cooked.

Add the butter to the pan [or switch to an enormous pot like I did – we don’t have any pans big enough to handle this recipe]; let melt over medium-low (don’t let it burn or brown!). Add diced onion and garlic to the pan and cook until soft and translucent. Stir frequently to avoid burning!! Add tomato paste, smoked paprika, and cayenne to the pan. Stir until incorporated, then add heavy cream. Stir. Add in spinach and stir well to let it wilt.

Add the chicken and cooked zucchini in. Stir. Add cheese and splash of lemon juice. Incorporate well, make sure it’s all hot, and voilà! Deliciousness. Serve. Devour. Enjoy.

I made this recipe B I G so it would feed me and my parents for at least two meals (and it did) so this makes 6-8+ GENEROUS servings. If you don’t need that much food, follow the amounts given in the original Twisted Food recipe (except you don’t need 1/4 cup tomato paste – that’s 4tbsp and I don’t know why they put that in there! In their video it’s 2tbsp. They’re probably not used to our weird American measurements. They tried.)

This is a flexible recipe! I didn’t use NEARLY as much onion as the original recipe called for – 100g was about half a medium onion, not 1.5 onions. You can save a lot of carbs right there! You can have more or less (or none!) chicken; you can have more cream to make more sauce, less to make it thicker, add other veggies, get rid of the spinach if you don’t like it, use 5x the amount of cheese…. etc etc. You can add parsley like the original recipe calls for, but I didn’t have any and I don’t like it that much anyway so it wasn’t a loss.

The flavor is really nice and smokey with a bit of a kick from the Cayenne. That’s another flavor you can adjust up or down depending on your spice preference! It’s a good hearty meal, and carblovers will have no problem adding some french bread (or pasta, whatever) to have it suit their needs as well.


*Note: Because this was a family meal and it was Christmas Eve, I didn’t calculate the exact macros. I don’t know the calories, carbs, fat, etc for this. Next time I make it (for myself) I’ll track it thoroughly and update the post.


Makeup time, here we goooooo

Recently, I did an impromptu live video talking about makeup as I was getting ready for work. The downside of last-minute live videos (and live videos, period) is that not everyone can see them, and they’re only available for 24 hours. And they’re video, not written, so maybe some of the product information got garbled or you didn’t *quite* catch the name of a product. So! Here’s a list of every makeup product I used in that video, as well as a few other products that I like and have in my rotation.

None of the links are affiliate! I’m just trying to help you out by showing the exact product. HOWVER if you use eBates, the links I’ve included are the ones for the sites with the best (current) cashback offer. So. There’s that 🙂

Also—I definitely will be doing another live makeup video in the future! From the very beginning (instead of just brows, mascara, and liner, like this last one) showing my whooooole routine. It’ll be a long one. My makeup takes some time, haha.

Rinse face with water
Wash with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel if needed
Moisturize with CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (not cream)
Sunscreen: Shiseido SENKA Mineral Water UV Gel SPF50 PA+++

Primer: Skindinavia primer spray
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination skin (shades 150 Nude + 180 Sand Beige mixed)
Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear (NC20)
Powder: Coty Airpsun (translucent)
Bronzer: The Balm – Bahama Mama
Contour: NYX HD Blush (taupe)
Blush: Pixi by Petra (Beach Rose)
Highlight: The Balm – Mary-Lou Manizer
Finishing spray: Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Natural Finish

Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Shadows: ColourPop Double Entendre palette
Liner: DIY liquid liner; Elf Lock & Seal mixed with random black eyeshadow
Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Cat Eyes (ultra black or blackest black, something like that. Black.)

NYX precision brow pencil (blonde)
Chella eyebrow defining gel (but honestly, most clear brow gels are…. pretty similar)

Elf selfie ready foundation brush (foundation)
Real Techniques powder brush (powder)
Elf sculpting face brush (contour)
Wet N Wild contour brush (bronzer)
Real Techniques duo fiber contour brush (blush)
Eye brushes – Elf (blending and detail crease), random no-name brush (sorry!)
Elf angled eyeliner brush (liner)

Foundation: NYX Total Control Drop Foundation (vanilla)
Concealer: Hard Candy Glamoflauge (medium; medium light); It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Undereye (medium; somtimes mixed with light)
Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte (transparent)
Blush: Milani baked blushes (Luminoso; Berry Amore); Elf baked blush (peachy cheeky); NARS Orgasm; Benefit CORALista
Highlighter: Becca shimmering skin perfector (Moonstone); Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer (Reserve Your Cabana – it’s not a bronzer AT ALL)
Eyeshadow: ALL OF THEM. Urban Decay NAKED Palette; Ulta Matte Neutrals palette; Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette; MAC individual shadows: cork, wedge
Eyeliner: Physicians Formula 2-in-1 lash boosting eyeliner + serum (Ultra black – NOT regular black!!!!!); NYX matte liquid liner (black)
Brushes: Elf; Real Techniques; CoastalScents


When the wheels fall off

You know how, sometimes, things don’t go bad all at once? They go bad so slowly that you almost can’t even tell what’s happening?
Let’s turn this into a car analogy.

Say you’re on a road trip – a big, long, epic road trip – and things are going great. You have your music. You have your snacks. You have your drinks. You have a Spotify playlist AND some podcasts AND two audiobooks queued up and ready to go. Things are GOOD. You’re CRUISING.

And you’re driving, you’re driving, and suddenly your car’s speakers go a little fuzzy. That’s weird, but no big deal. You turn the volume up and keep driving.
Then the car starts to pull a tiny bit to the right. Nothing drastic, just a little drag. Whatever. You pull a little harder to the left on the steering wheel to correct, and you keep going.
Then one of your side mirrors breaks. You find some duct tape in your trunk and you patch things back together. It’s not perfect, but it works. You keep going.
And then the engine starts to smoke a little bit when you drive too fast. Whoops, ease off the gas a little. It’ll be fine.
Now one of the tires feels a little…funny. Is it going soft? The tire pressure gauge isn’t lit up, so you shrug it off and drive on.

But these little things keep happening; things keep going wrong. You don’t feel the need to stop at a repair shop – you’re on a road trip! Things are supposed to be so fun! You can handle this!

And then, all of a sudden, all the wheels fall off your car at once.
And the engine explodes.
The whole useless car is engulfed in flames.

You’re now stranded, in your burning car, wondering what the fuck has happened. Trying to get out of the wreckage. And you look back on all the little things that had been going wrong the whole trip, and a light goes off in your mind. Things add up now. The warning signs make sense.

That’s… me right now, with my mental health.

The last few months have been full of little things, tiny warning signs that I brushed off. I’ve struggled with mental health issues since I was a kid, but I’m still *really* bad at recognizing the signs until things implode. And things…. imploded this week.
I don’t particularly want to discuss the details, but let’s just say that the Binge Monster has come back with an ugly vengeance, I really just want to lay in bed and stare at the wall all day (very conducive to having a job, I assure you), and I feel like I’m on the side of the road, standing next to my burning life, wondering what the fuck has happened. Things were going so good! And then the minor bumps came. And they piled up. And they got harder and harder to deal with.

Here’s the thing with mental illness: you cannot necessarily force yourself through it. All the inspirational gym memes of never miss a Monday, put up or shut up, something something apply motivation daily blah blah blah… they don’t always work. Sometimes you need help. AND THAT’S OK. I’m in a place where I need help. I finally got that through my brain, and stopped trying to dig my heels in and force my way through this. I’m working with my doctors to get back to a good place.

Please don’t pry into my health history – revealing that I have mental health issues is not the same as wanting to discuss my exact diagnosis and what medication I’m on/have been on in the past and what my symptoms are and have I been in therapy and what I’ve been bingeing on and how much and when (yes, all questions I have been asked – no, not questions I will answer. I like my privacy, too).

I just… wanted to be honest with you guys. I’m struggling, and in a larger way than I originally thought. We’re all human. Some of us have different struggles than others; I’m one of the ones who has a messed-up brain that’s kind of a mega asshole to itself. That’s how the cards got dealt. I’m working on it, working through it, and I’m trying to figure out a way to go forward.

Because you’ve got me FUCKED UP if you think I’m just going to stop trying and gradually gain all the weight back. Hell no. This isn’t over by a long shot.


Burned out on fat loss

I’m switching things up. Again. I know, I know, I just switched to high protein keto macros like…last month…and I’m keeping that bit! The high protein is still going great. my body loves the protein, and I love eating all the meat.


Fat loss—weight reduction—isn’t my focus anymore. I just…can’t keep going how I have been. I’m burned out and I’ve hit a wall. To be totally honest, this has been building for a while, but then I’d have a good week and recommit and convince myself to keep going. But after this vacation I’ve reached my limit. I’ve been working on fat loss/weight loss for 3.5 straight years. That’s a LONG. FUCKING. TIME. I’m not seeing results anymore, and I just need a break! I’ve been busting my ass with low macros (under 1400 cals a day) and working out 5x a week with hardly any scale results. It’s discouraging and infuriating. I know that the scale shouldn’t matter, blah blah blah, but it does matter to me. It does. The number on the scale had meaning when it said 250 and I was fat as hell, and it has meaning now that it say 150 and I’m more… average-ish.

So I’m changing my focus. I’m going to be eating to maintenance calories (food! I get food! So much food!) and putting my focus fully on strength and body recomposition [aka losing fat and replacing it with muscle; staying the same weight but altering my body fat %] I’ve pretty much *been* in maintenance and doing slowwww body recomp for the past 9ish months, even though I was still trying to lose weight. I’ve lost inches (2 from my waist!) and clothing sizes, I look different, but the scale is saying pretty much the same thing.

And thus, I’m throwing in the towel for now. Not forever! I’m more like, placing the towel gently to the side, all washed and folded and ready for future use. I do still want to be *S K I N N Y* someday (I know, I know, ‘strong not skinny,’ pero like… ¿por que no los dos?). I’ve never been skinny in my life, and it’s a goal I have, but I’m finally admitting to myself that I can’t achieve that goal right now without resorting to mentally and/or physically unhealthy methods. I’m not going to cut calories to 1100/day and do hours of cardio just to see the scale budge. Nope. Nope nope nope. Been there, done that, the result was bingeing like crazy and I’m soooo over that.

Anyway! I’m excited but also a wee bit… scared shitless? I haven’t had this many calories per day (near 1700) on a regular basis since the verrrry beginning of my journey, when I weighed 250 pounds. So yeah, part of me is terrified that I’m going to start ballooning up and gain all the weight back overnight (impossible, duh) and part of me is like I CAN HAVE SO. MANY. FOODS. — it’s a mixed bag. I’m going to keep an eye on the scale with weekly (not! daily!) weigh-ins, just to make sure I’m not overdoing it with the calories. If I start steadily gaining, I’ll adjust. But the scale isn’t my main focus anymore—for now.



Alright, I’ve been getting this question a lot, so here’s the fast explanation to the question “WHAT’S A REFEED DAY?”

On Friday, I did my first refeed day – instead of my usual rest day calories, I ate slightly above maintenance calories. About 700 extra calories.


1) I was getting hungry from being in a sustained deficit for 6+ weeks

2) The scale had been bouncing around in the same 3 pound range for about 2 weeks and I was getting antsy

3) I was noticing more frequent binge urges and temptation

4) I wasn’t progressing in some of my lifts, and was getting fatigued easier from cardio

So: refeed.

But what IS a refeed? Here’s a great article about it (it’s not keto-oriented so the carb talk is a little off, but the basics are the same), but essentially: just fucking eating more for a day to refuel your body, send the message that Hey! You’re not starving! There is food available! It’s all good, fam. And reset your hunger + satiety cues

What it wasn’t:

– A cheat day. I kept my carbs under 30g net, just ate more fat and protein. There was no pizza, no bread, no cheats. Still keto, just more food.

– A binge. Everything was planned – I logged everything beforehand in MyFitnessPal and stuck to it. I wasn’t eating for the sake of eating – I was eating with a purpose. There was no frantic, out-of-control desire to keep going. I ate, I stopped eating, the end.

– A carb-up. I’ve done (one or two) carb ups, and this wasn’t one. I kept my total and net carbs low, and just added more fat and protein. When I do a carb up, I keep my fat low and raise carbs and protein.

So that’s the quick and dirty basics on refeeds! I’m going to use them strategically and experiment with how often to refeed – probably no more than once or maybe twice a month. I’m going on vacation at the end of August and will likely be eating at less of a deficit then, so I’ve done my one refeed for the month 😊 vacation will be…an extended refeed 😅


The gym: What I do, what I’ve done

Let’s talk about working out! This is going to be a long, rambly post. You’ve been warned.
I worked out a grand total of maybe…….30 times in my first year of losing weight. And that’s a generous estimate. Those “work outs” were beginner’s yoga classes at my campus gym, mostly, and I dropped those once it got too cold to walk the mile to and from class at 7pm (it was New York, it got *cold* ok).
And I still lost 70 lbs that year. With minimal to no exercise. It was all! about! diet!

But since I went to grad school on Long Island (Roll Pride!) and didn’t have a car, I got really – REALLY – used to walking places. The bus was my lifeline, and the nearest bus stop to me was over a mile away. All my life, I’d been like “OMG A MILE, SO FAR” and after a while of living in NY, it changed to “Hunh that’s only 2.3 miles away? I can walk that no problem.” So after the first year on keto, I got more active, but still not a gym-lover by any means. In the second year on keto, I’d go to zumba every now and then (2x a month, maybe) and do the elliptical at the gym for a bit (30 mins), but it wasn’t serious. I wasn’t a gym person. I didn’t work out at home, either, before you ask. Nuh unh. Never really been my scene.

Third year on keto: I graduated and moved back to AZ and uh… walking isn’t a *thing* here, especially not in the summer. Everything is really spread out, there’s nowhere to…go… in walking distance, and anyway it was like 105F every day. Not optimal for walking when you’re trying to avoid dying of heat stroke. After all that walking in New York, I felt gross sitting around my house all day – and I had all this free time to think about how I was going to continue losing weight

So I joined a gym! I didn’t feel comfortable there at first. I felt lumpy and soft and out of place (and fat, even though I was like…. 5 pounds overweight at that point, by BMI standards), and I sequestered myself in the CARDIO MOVIE THEATER every day. “What’s this cardio movie theater you speak of?” I hear you asking.
It’s the best thing of life. It’s a separate, cool, dark room at my gym with a big screen on one wall, and risers of cardio equipment set up. Bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and a stairmaster. There’s also a stretching area down on the floor. And they just…. play a movie. On a loop. ALL. DAY.
I hid in there for a LONG WHILE. It was dark, it was cool, nobody could see me, and I could watch Planet of the Apes or whatever to take my mind off the monotony of cardio.

I did a LOT of cardio at first. Strictly cardio. An hour on the elliptical, or an hour on the bike, or 45 mins on the lateral trainer (a cool sideways elliptical)…sometimes more. After a few months, I started to experiment with weight machines, but nothing serious, and never with a structured lifting plan. I did whatever I wanted every day. It was fun, but not very… productive. I gradually added in more weights, but I was primarily a cardio girl.

Around November, I hit a wall with all the cardio. I just couldn’t keep spending 2+ hours in the gym all the time, slaving away on the cardio machines. I was bored, I was exhausted, and I felt really soft. Like, my body wasn’t *changing* from all this time in the gym. I’d lost about 8-9 pounds since moving home, but it was impossible (for me) to tell.


I started with the Ketogains program in December, and learned by people-watching and looking up exercises on youtube. I started light with all my weights, and worked my way up. By March, when I started my job, I’d gotten a little tired of spending 90+ minutes in the gym on lifting days (Ketogains has a lot of exercises per workout). I switched over to the Jamie Eason LiveFit! program from bodybuilding.com, but gave up after 19 days (lol) when I got too stressed and tired from work… and my bingeing got really bad around that time. No motivation to gym. It was a rough patch.

Then I found Bodypump classes, and really enjoyed those for a few weeks! But… it didn’t feel like enough. I missed lifting. I missed how my body looked when I was lifting (muscles!!!). I missed the structure of a lifting plan. I tried LiveFit! again for a hot second but um, didn’t actually look into what Phases 2 + 3 entailed – hell no to those 2+ hour workouts. Nuh unh. I don’t live that kind of life.

And now I’m doing Stronglifts, which is a lot like Ketogains but with less accessory work (Ketogains is based on Stronglifts). It’s just 3 exercises each lifting day – squats, rows, bench press; squats, deadlifts, overhead press. I add hip thrusts to my workouts because I’m trying my gotdang hardest to grow a booty, but that’s the only tweak I made. I track using the Stronglifts 5×5 app (here’s the iPhone link) on my phone, and love it! I paid the $10 for the full version (this is not a promo, I’m not associated with them, I just like the app) and it was totally worth it.

So my gym schedule looks like this:
Sunday: Stronglifts
Monday: Cardio 20-30 mins
Tuesday: Stronglifts
Wednesday: Cardio 20-30 mins
Thursday: Stronglifts

As per the program, I alternate between A and B workouts with each lifting day. One week will be A / B / A, the next will be B / A / B, etc.
I specifically chose this workout schedule FOR ME because it gives me 4 days of work + gym; 1 day just work, no gym; 1 day just gym, no work; and 1 day totally free. Perfect for me!

Oh, and as for WHEN in the day I work out – I go on my way home from work M-Th, and in the afternoon on Sunday. I just cannot drag myself out of bed to go work out before work. I can’t. I already wake up at 5:30 to get ready and commute, so I’d have to be up at like 3:45 to get to the gym right when it opens at 4 in order to work out till 5, then shower and get ready for work. I – nope. Not for me. I’d much rather deal with slightly-more-crowded gyms at 4:30pm than put myself through that torture. Some people can do early-morning workouts – I’m not one of them! And, after all, the best time of the day to work out is WHEN YOU’LL STICK TO IT.

So that’s like…. every single possible thing I can think of when it comes to me and the gym! If you’ve read this whole post – you’re a trooper.


All about egg fasts

Egg fasts! I’ve done a few of them, and I think they’re a really useful tool on keto. Some people use them to bust through stalls/plateaus, and I personally love using them to really do a hard reset after a period of…. not great eating. June was basically a dumpster fire of a month in terms of eating and going to the gym: after 3 years of proving that counting calories works for me, I suddenly was like, “Hey, what if calories didn’t matter and I ate whatever I wanted?” and then… proceeded to use that as an excuse to binge. A lot. I only went to the gym 10 times, and it really showed. I went up to 164 (14lbs up from my usual ‘comfortable’ weight of 150) after vacation, though a lot of that was water weight, and a good 5lbs of it was from air travel. But still. Not a number I wanted to see.

ANYWAY. I got back on track, but some of the water weight was still stubbornly sticking around and I was getting super frustrated. So to shake things up, I did an egg fast!

HERE is the post from ibreatheimhungry.com that explains all about egg fasts and HERE is her post with some FAQs and a full diet plan for an egg fast. Go read those for more info!

Basically, an egg fast is exactly what it sounds like – you eat eggs and that’s it. Kind of. The rules are:

  • At least 6 eggs per day, but as many as you need to feel satisfied
  • 1 tbsp fat (butter, olive oil, full fat mayo, lard, etc) per egg
  • Up to 1 oz of full-fat cheese per egg

However….. I’ve found that it works better for me to do an either/or with fat and cheese; ie, I have EITHER 1tbsp fat OR 1oz cheese per egg. People say calories don’t matter on an egg fast buuuuuuuuut I get better results when I’m mindful of calories. Also, I allow 1oz of heavy cream to count as an ounce of cheese, just because I dislike coffee without cream and I’m not doing an egg fast to torture myself. I’ve done egg fasts with no HWC in the past, and didn’t notice any difference when I added in 1oz of heavy cream. So, there you have it. My modifications.

This time around, I did 4 days of strict egg fast and I’m on day 1 of 2 of transitioning – that’s where you eat 2 egg fast meals and one regular (low carb) meal to transition back to keto. However, because I’m combining my egg fast with intermittent fasting, it’s just 1 egg fast meal and 1 regular meal.

This egg fast was definitely frustrating. The first day, I *gained* weight. Gained. On 1200 calories of just eggs, butter, and cheese. Second day, I lost was back to where I started. Third day, I was down 0.2 and starting to FUCKING RAGE at my body because, like ????? What the shit???? aaaand then day 4 I woke up to a nice whoosh, and another one on day 5 (today)! So far, I’m down 4.2 pounds. Not my most successful egg fast in terms of weight loss, for sure, but still – progress is progress. I’m only 3 pounds away from my comfortable weight again, and only 6 up from my lowest ever. Totally manageable and I feel good about losing that on regular keto.

So there you have it! Egg fast! Now, here’s what I ate each day:

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled in 2tbsp bacon grease; coffee with 1tbsp Brain Brew (mct oil) and 1oz heavy cream
Lunch: Egg salad – 3 hard boiled eggs with 2tbsp mayo; 1 cheese stick

Breakfast: 4 eggs scrambled in 1tbsp coconut oil, topped with 1oz cheese; coffee with 1tbsp Brain Brew (mct oil) and 1oz heavy cream
Lunch: 4 hard boiled eggs with 4tbsp butter

Breakfast: 5 eggs scrambled in 2tbsp coconut oil, topped with 1oz cheese; coffee with 2tbsp Brain Brew (mct oil) (I tried coffee with no HWC out of desperation since I still hadn’t lost weight – it was not enjoyable)
Lunch: Egg salad – 3 hard boiled eggs with 3tbsp mayo

Breakfast: 4 hard boiled eggs with 2tbsp butter; coffee with 1 packet of House Blend F-bomb oil (from dropanfbomb.com) and 1oz heavy cream
Lunch: Buttery baked eggs – 4 eggs with 3tbsp butter, topped with 1oz cheese

DAY 5 – transition
Breakfast: 4 eggs fried in 1tbsp avocado oil, 2oz cheese; coffee with 1tbsp mct oil and 1oz heavy cream (and 1 scoop collagen peptides, just because I wanted them)
Lunch: Chuck roast

DAY 6 – transition
Breakfast: Buttery baked eggs – 4 eggs with 3tbsp butter, topped with 1oz cheese; coffee with 1tbsp mct oil, 1oz heavy cream, 1 scoop protein powder
Lunch: Pulled pork with Simple Girl Carolina-style BBQ sauce; 2 Tillamoo cheese snacks